Path of Atavistic Violence is the result of several ritualistic sessions where the author, WxTen, reached that point where the practitioner is in perfect harmony with his or her personal journey towards the Left Hand Path, that point when one starts to destroy the shackles of outside limitations built upon inside weaknesses. It condenses the result of following what the author calls the Primary Atavistic Path of Immediate Violence. This is the shortest and most direct path between the self of an alienated person and his or hers archaic self, uninhibited and free of any obsolete chains. The P.A.P.I.V. aims to achieve total liberation of the inner self and as a consecuence, the total liberation from spiritual and moral constraints.

This volume describes the process followed by the author to create several pieces of Magickal Art, following a Chaos Magick ritual repeated several times in order to find his atavistic primordial self. The result is twenty two paintings filled with the essence of pure Chaos, each one accompanied by a written piece inspired by it. Path of Atavistic Violence is the result of the perfect marriage between Chaos Magick and cathartic Art.


Table of Contents

Préface: Attention, on vous ment / Foreword: Beware, you are being lied to
Qui suis-je? Qu’est-ce qui me défini? / Who am I? What defines me?
Qu’est-ce que le P.A.P.I.V? / What is P.A.P.I.V?


























As you can realize by looking at the Table of contents, all the texts in Path of Atavistic Violence are written both in English and French. Being a francophone himself, the author considered important to keep the original essence of his work intact, while still offering an English version for the rest of potential readers.

Path of Atavistic Violence ise a high-quality, full colored title, available only as a Deluxe volume limited to 80 hand-numbered copies. This is a book driven by the intensity of its illustrations, and therefore it is presented in a much bigger size than the usual book (240x240 mm), so each painting can be appreciated as best as possible. We have also selected a high-quality deluxe paper especially designed to print illustrations. The hardcover is stamped with the star of Chaos, and it comes with a protective slipcase bound in black silk. Except for the printing of the pages, there was no mechanical proccess whatsoever in the manufactoring of the copies; each one has been hand-crafted with care.

Specifications: 200g. Kunstdruk paper, 200g. Dali nero 200g. endpapers. Hardcover bound in matte Corvon Senzo black cloth and stamped with a glossy Chaos star. Hard cardboard slipcase bound in Italian black silk, with a ribbon to facilitate the extraction of the book. Hand-sewed in black thread. 240x240 mm (9.44x9.44 inches), limited to 80 hand-numbered copies. 68 pages.
100€ + shipping.

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About the author: WxTen is known under several names and nicknames, such as Warmachine or GregI. He considers it important to use different names when working on different subjects, may it be occult science, painting or music.
As the founder of the Luciferian Order of Chaos (L.O.C.), the artistic work of WxTen fits directly with his esoteric research inside his Left Hand Path journey: no limitation of any kind, no hypocrisy, no remorse... just raw and naked truth at any given moment.

Influenced by painters like Rothko, Kandinsky, Pollock and many others, integrity is what counts for WxTen. His pictural truth is often painted as red and black agressions on canvas. Since the colour of blood suits well to an anti-cosmic rebellion which emerges from self-confidence and gnosis gained through darkness and the following of the sinister path, WxTen's canvases cause an immediate impact in the viewer's mind and his or her own atavistic instinct. From the Luciferian perspective of returning to the primordial chaos, where the possibility of impossibilities makes sense with an acausal explanation of the universe, this is what you can expect from the art of WxTen: Ordo ab chao.

What follows is an interview with WxTen:

- Greetings WxTen; you have been a practitioner of the Occult for many years now, but “Path of Atavistic Violence” is your first book. Could you tell us what drew you first towards Occultism in general and the Left Hand Path in particular?

Greetings! It all started when I was a child. My grandfather, who was Spanish, through his experiences in wartime, hated religions. This hatred, he transferred it to me by explaining the reasons why in a rational and factual way. The silence of the Roman Catholic Church during the Second World War is a fact. Some priests were blessing the fascist cannons ... He saw this with his own eyes.

Then I was a little bit more intelligent than the other kids at school. I have always been attracted by culture. This stuff isolates a child who is not yet 10 years old. Musician from the age of 12, I quickly came to Black Metal. Anyone familiar with this style of music knows this is more than a simple style of music... it's a way of life, it's a way of thinking.

Hatred against the church, isolation, artistic trend of Black Metal; the path was rightly traced.

I started, like many others, by reading the writings of Lavey and after this with Crowley (who are very different from each other, of course).

Then I always had a fascination with the total dark side of humanity, of the universe, of all things...

One step after another, you are going more and more deeper into darkness.

I have to quote Friedrich Nietzsche: "(...)when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.".

- You mention in your book several artists that have influenced you as a painter, but which authors have influenced your cosmology and understanding of the world the most?

Matthew Wightman, Mark Alan Smith, The Ordo Volucer Serpentis, N.A-A.218, Michael W Ford, Aleister Crowley, Plato, Nietzsche, ...

- This is something you talk about in your book, but could you tell us a bit about the ritualistic process you follow in order to create your astonishing paintings? Do you believe this same process could be used in writing or maybe even musical composition?

The whole process is just a tool, a way to reach the final destination. This destination is a particular state of mind where you are totally free of mundane barriers, moral limitations, free of all the limitations you have learned. Can you only imagine who you are when you are free of all the limitations "the creation" has put in your head? The moral principles, human laws...?

Where is the interest to paint things lots of people are able to do? Where is the interest in painting things that more technical masters have already done before us and we will never be able to do again? The interest thing in painting, for me, is about being able to show what is possible without barriers, to express one's true inner self, the atavistic self.

It's not about meditation. It's not about a peaceful state of a person. It's about a total excitement, a state of tribal trance where you reconnect yourself with something older, something higher, something noble and pure which comes from the primordial chaos from which everything is originated and to which everything is returning. It's about the Alpha and the Omega of the Universe before the Demiurgic manipulations. This is the Primary Atavistic Path of Immediate Violence.
You become like a gun shooting to the canvas with your mind connected to the naked truth of the universe. And from this process, you can gain gnosis by bringing back "things" with you.

I don't want to paint figurative figures. So from where come the faces we can see on some of my paintings? From the other side, from the past, from above, from below, as you want.

For the second part of your question, I respond yes. It's exactly the same thing. Of course, the final artistic result depends of technical faculties of everyone. There are things which are awaiting you to express themselves. But they can only do it through you and your own abilities.

- Another subject you discuss in your book is something you call the “primary atavistic path of immediate violence”. Could you tell us a bit about what this is?

I think I already answered to this question in the previous one.

- What pushed you to share something as personal as the result of several Chaos rituals (manifested as paintings) with the world? What is your goal behind “Path of Atavistic Violence”?

There are many reasons; one reason is to push others to search wisdom and truth behind the mundane lies we have to swallow everyday. We are more than animals forced to bow down in front of things we don't want to, things we don't need to.

The second is certainly the Ego; I am not free of mine. Is the Ego a motor in general or a brake? Vast question, isn't it? This book, for me, is a particular book: a mix between occultism, Art, wisdom research into my Left Hand Path journey… So the reasons to share it are multiple.

- You are the founder of the Luciferian Order of Chaos. Could you talk us about the goals of this organization and its general practices?

The Luciferian Order of Chaos is a Left Hand Path order conceived as a brotherhood, a fraternity of people deeply involved and engaged into their believes, convictions, faith, etc. about their Left Hand Path journey. We are from different currents: satanism, luciferism, Ophidianism, Qayinism, anti-cosmic 218… We used to say we are “at the left of the Left Hand Path”. Words are not just words for our members. Integrity and sincerity is the most important things for us.
We don't have specific practices for the order but a specific way of being. Fraternity means network and being present and helpful for our brothers and sisters. Each one of us has his (her) specific practice. What unites us is the fact that some of us are too extreme and radical in the way they conceive the LHP for being accepted or tolerated in other place than the Luciferian Order of Chaos.

The L.O.C is the Midian (Nightbreed) of the Left Hand Path. We are proud of it. We have no limit except our own.

- Apart from painting and writing, you also play and have played in several bands; could you explain us how do you see the connection between Magic and music?

If you play the right sequence of notes, on the right tone at the right time, with the right sound, you reach what we can call a "communion" with the public. You become "as one" with all these people you've never met before. It goes something magical, religious into this process. There is something going on that words can not describe in detail. There are strong things no words can describe.

Throughout history, music has had a diabolical connotation. Long time before the existence of Metal, there was Classical music and Blues. What about the violinist Niccolò Paganini (1782-1840) of whom it was said that his left hand was guided by the devil himself? That is how virtuosity was seen in his time. And in Blues, there was Robert Leroy Johnson of whom it was said he had sold his soul to the devil for inspiration and success. I want to finish by talking about the famous Triton, "the diabolus in musica". It was quoted in 1702 for the first time. Music is a very powerful tool which touches every person in its atavistic being by passing behind doors of consciousness. Think about William Blake and the doors: "The doors of perception".

Everything is linked; this is one of the aspects of chaos.

- Thank you for your time.



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