by Nikolai Saunders

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Lilonon Ananael is Nikolai Saunders' latest effort, the follow-up to the greatly received Claves Regni. The core of this new work is the monumental Ritual of Lilonon Ananael, a ritual designed to familiarize the novitiate with the various applications of the angels of Shemhamphorash and the nature of the governors of the Aethyrs. The governors themselves rule over various regions of consciousness and their legions of subservient spirits. They also correspond to the twelve tribes and the application of the governors through these twelve tribes should prove sufficient grounds for the novitiate to explore throughout their magical career. As it was with Saunders' previous works, Lilonon Ananael is a practical grimoire in the most classical sense of the word, and extensive ritual guide to the complex art of evocation.

The undulations of Light and Shadow, Good and Evil, Day and Night, are the dualistic representations of Truth perceived by our individuality. In other words, good and evil are simply matters of perspective; what is poison for one may prove profitable for another. However, in terms of Will it is that formula of The Magician in opposition to that of The Mystic. That is why certain specific operations in Lilonon Ananael are designed around Attainment or Enlightenment, while others are for more practical ends. One can not only exist as a magician or a mystic, anymore than one can be completely dominant or submissive in their dealings with others.

As the follow-up to both Arbor de Magistro and Claves Regni, the connections between the three books are interwoven in the ritual elements contained within. The branch of Enochian Magick represented by these three books, in conjunction with the Solomonic Form within, are representative of the Current of The Star System known as Scorpioniis upon Terra Munda. The Astrum Antares is represented in some of the various rituals, as was in Arbor de Magistro and the Aethyric Rites, specifically. The second of this series is Claves Regni, and while there are no spirits from within the aegis of Enochian Magick, the language used within, the various calls, and the invocations are strongly representative of Enochian. This, in addition, to the Enochian Calls used in the ten directions of the Temple, weave various threads into the fabric of the Work. The balancing of these occurs in this third book, Lilonon Ananael, where the Governors of the Aethyrs are called within their native environment and the spirits of Shemhamphorash are counterbalanced in their light and dark polarities. The Union of these Spirits corresponds to the passionate union of opposites above the Abyss nicely, which is a crucial element of Crowley's vantage point from within The City of Pyramids. The Astrum Antares is expanded upon within the text following the Rite Lilonon Ananael and several of the prerequisite rituals (or Outer and Theurgistic Rites) are represented. The Theurgist of The Aires (or that of the Astrum Antares) will then be able to accomplish the stocking of their Arsenal, or the fashioning of the several magical tools needed to accomplish the Work on High.

Lilonon Ananael is a massive tome, spanning over 600 pages and with almost two hundred detailed sigils and illustrations, a must have for any serious practitioner of the Arte.




Prerequisites to Lilonon Ananael

The Ritual of Lilonon Ananael
Appendix I
Appendix II
Appendix III
The Consecration of The Robes
The Staves of The Three Magi
Consecration of The Dagger of Nergal
Consecration of The Rod of Dis Pater
Consecration of The Cauldron
The Construction and Consecration of The Magic Mirror
The Ritual of The Holy Guardian Angel
Of The Robes Antares: Being the Outer Cloak of Concealment and The Inner
Robes of Concealment
The Consecration of The Robes
Consecration of The Scythe
Consecration of The Horn of Hades
Consecration of The Magicians Crown
Consecration of The Ring
Consecration of The Broom
The Invocation of Hades
Regarding The Throne of The Magus
An Enochian Adaptation of Liber Resh
Invocation and Banishing of The Planets Via The Alternate Mark of The Beast
A Ritual of Invisibility

Regarding Temple Symbolism

Notes on The Averse Pentagrams

Notes on The Planetary Ritual of The Mark of The Beast

Notes Regarding the Directions of The Temple in Lilonon Ananael

Travels of The Magician through the Table of Practice, derived from Ars Paulina

containing formula derived from The Greater Ritual of The Hexagram

Regarding the Talismata of Lilonon Ananael

Material Components of Magick and Dramatic Ritual

An explanation of the use of the thirty calls [or keys] of the Aethyrs in the Lilonon


The Interpretation of Every Phenomenon as a Particular Dealing of God with

One’s Soul

A very brief Introduction into Demonology being gathered from various several

excursions into communication with the Spirits of the Tartarean Realms

On Consecrations


Image of Charon included in the coin case

We have uploaded a few pages of this new title at this location, and there are several pictures here.

Due to its sheer size and volume, Lilonon Ananael will be released exclusively as a deluxe volume, limited to 72 hand-numbered copies. Each copy will be bound by hand in black goatskin and will be presented in a sturdy slip-case bound in black cloth. The spines are hand-sewn and have three raised bands. Accompanying each book will be a special case containing a brass coin with the sigils of Hades and Charon. The case and coin have been illustrated by the talented Kain Morgenmeer.
This is, without a doubt, Fall of Man's most luxurious and ambitious release.

Specifications: Octavo format (170 x 230 mm / 6.7 x 9 inches), 1,600 g. (3.5 pounds). Hardcover bound in black goatskin and stamped in silver. 80 g. white paper, with 200 g. black end-papers. Hand-sewn black spine with raised bonds and ribbon bookmark. Hard cardboard slip-case bound in black Italian cloth. 605 pages, with hundreds of sigils and seals. The coin case (170 x 230 mm / 6.7 x 9 inches) is done in hard cardboard bound in faux white leather and fits inside the slipcase together with the book. Illustrated with an image of Charon. The coin (5 cm / 2 inches in diameter) is made of brass and engraved with the sigil of Charon on one side and the sigil of Hades on the other.
Limited to 72 hand-numbered copies. The PDF version of the book is included in the price as well.
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The author, Nikolai Saunders, has been actively practicing some form of magic in one their many incarnations or another for most of his natural life. He began his experiments with traditional evocation in his mid twenties, and entered into this practice wholeheartedly. These excursions often took the forms of the popular grimoires such as The Lemegeton, Grimorium Verum, The Heptameron and The Sworn Book of Honorius, amongst others. Around this time, he found Enochian Magick, as practiced by the Order of The Golden Dawn. This experience of Enochian Magick, while providing much for him to consider philosophically, did not match the visions he had while descrying within a Circle, and the impetus to experience congress with the Enochian spirits in a similar fashion facilitated the decision to work with the Aethyrs. He was involved in the rites and rituals of the Ordo Templi Orientis for the most part in his public life but continued his solitary work in tandem with the outer rites of the Order and continued to make notes and keep journals. These journals were not only of his magical workings but also of his observations and insights into the writings, kabbalah, and practices of the other magicians (such as Crowley and Nuemberg, and Frater Achad, amongst others) alongside of some of his theoretical ideas. At the summit of Nikolai's involvement with the Ordo Templi Orientis he reached Sovereign Prince of the Rose-Croix of Heredom and was ordained as a priest within the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica. After leaving the O.T.O. during a change of local leadership he became a member of a local Golden Dawn Temple, and completed the outer order grades. As an author, he has published several articles for the OTO and some of the various occult journals, and has published two books: Arbor de Magistro in 2014 and Claves Regni in 2016 through Fall of Man Press.

- Greetings Nikolai, can you tell us a bit about your new opus, Lilonon Ananael? How was the writing process, and how long did it take you to perfect all the rituals that are presented in this volume?

Greetings, my friend! I can tell you a few things about Lilonon Ananael, yes. To begin with my writing has flowed from book to book. The concept of the Evocation of The Genius of Birth was alluded to as a good preliminary in the first book, Arbor de Magistro. The prerequisite talismata drawn from Ars Paulina or Abra=Melin being the primary among the prelimary requirments. The easier of the manner would appear to be Ars Paulina; however, my experience has been that of initial bliss, like that after great union. But, to be honest, the practical application becomes a learning process after the initial honeymoon of bliss has passed. Therefore, even after Secreta de Elanel was published my communication and understanding with and of my Holy Guardian Angel has been improving. I have not stopped performing these Rituals, and will not do so. It is an entity I enjoy communication with, it has led me and comforted and sustained me. That being said, the experiences I had with ZAX with my initial working with the enochian aethyrs were predominantly more memorable in lucidity than more of the others, than not. In the OTO there are two main types of initiations: that of Point Events, and that of Non-Point Events. First Degree is Birth, a point event, while Second Degree is Life, a non point event. The Third and Fourth/PI Degrees are point events, while Fifth Degree is an expansion after another fashion unto Life, another non point event.

The descrying of ZAX is more a point event, which when examined presents itself as a non point event. The spirals of The Abyss seem infinite if one travels downwards to the bottom. There is congress with 333, this being the epidome of Darkness or NOX. The futility and impotence one experiences when travelling downwards in the spiral of darkness increases as one loses one's abilities in Magick. It does not operate in the same manner as elsewhere on this Plane. The many Planes within The Abyss all have Lords and Nobles, they have Palaces and seas and oceans, mountains and all sorts of forms. One could spend many lifetimes here, were one not knowing that to become lost here is to become forsaken by one's Sovereign Star and the Child Triumphant or Isis Rejoicing becomes that of dirt and dust. Therefore, one continues to the bottom and gets the coin from its Master, so to speak. There is a way one can be drawn rapidly away from this interaction, there are only two possible outcomes, one proves worthy when encountering Choronzon, or one falls into the larvae. After the Deed has been accomplished one is washed ashore Across The Gulf. Ariving upon the shores of past the Oceans of Time into the Inner World, or Land beyond Measure.

The Aethyric Rites where the Genius of Birth is evoked into the Magician (who serves as the Material Basis) is based primarily upon some of the evocational work of Aleister Crowley who began incorporating some of the brethren, such as Victor Neuberg, into the Work as material bases. I had philosophical wanderings about the nature of the eigth aethyr relating to the Holy Guardian Angel. Aleister had described ZID as the fullest manifestation of The Holy Guardian Angel, or fuller. I found that it was that after the Abyss there is much less division around than below the Veil. At least in my experience, there are luminous streams uniting like a lightshow, like rays of energy streaming through one's vision and colliding in a passionate embrace or explosion of raw energy. It was as if the components of the Universe were recollecting themselves and The Universe had started back in on itself. I understood the Holy Guardian Angel to be myself made perfect. This is what I would describe as the Highest Link or conduit to the Divine or rather, the singual expression of existence symbolised as Hadit by To Mega Therion, that my physical vehicle will allow me here, on earth. The fact that one can evoke the spirits is something I have known for quite some time. Angels or Demons, and the claptrap about one for one and the other for the other is nonsense. Yes, Circles serve as protection; however, one would profit more from reading what Aleister had to say about it in Liber ABA than just calling it rudimentary and moving on to social things. I had always thought that if there were talismata created, specifically etched, carved, and made into a focused symbol it would affect more of a result than a simple crystal taken from the Table of Practice, long after the fact. The use of imagery is important in magic and ritual. The creation of the proper images used in Goetia, for example, requires some artistic talent. The more the mind is able to focus upon the image represented, the more this image becomes full of life. It is similar to the figures derived from scrying, that if meditated upon for evening will produce resultant visions. I decided that I wanted to make the Aethyric Rites while I was writing them, so I kept the idea around in my mind for the second book. I understood that making a book with 360 spirits was not something I was going to be able to enter into during my first work, so I started by writing the Invocation of The Holy Guardian Angel which was used before the evocations in Claves Regni. It was by mentally reconstructing the elements of the evocations I had already performed that I was able to come up with my synthesis of its form. These, however, would be unique to my readings and leanings so as to make the magic more personal. Hopefully, The Aethyric Rites of Arbor de Magistro are more accessable as a result of Secreta de Elanel.

I have spent most of the last two years writing this third book. It has been a long process which I had begun before Claves Regni was published. The Ritual of Lilonon has been something which occured in my mind when I started thinking about the aethyrs. The Governors, they are all different and after one starts to talk to them regularly you see differences. The Governor of an Aethyrs can be sorted into their Tribes, or rather, considered astrologically. A Governor of the Tribe corresponding to Antares would then be a high noble within Antares, perhaps not the Highest, but definitely worthy of emissary status, which would then be why they would have been chosen to represent themselves to Dee and Kelly when they started out. (Obviously the two would be noticed as fumbling throughout the Universe)

- How do you see the evolution of your work from Arbor de Magistro to Lilonon Ananael, both as a an author and a magician?

I see the evolution of my work as a process to describe some of the things that I have gathered from my experiments in Ceremonial Magic. Some Visions have an effect upon you. Consider this, one invokes an Enochian Spirit, let's say HTMORDA and says: (after pleasantries) "HTMORDA can you help me develope tolerance for those in my immediate environment?" or something to the effect of a character building endowment. This is going to help shape your understanding of how an Angel can affect you. However, when one calls the Spirits in Enochian, most tend to have landscape visions predominantly, at first. The aethyrs are even moreso, one of the most memoriable experiences with Ceremonial Magick for me was the initial descrying of the Aethyrs. It takes one's awareness away from the Planetary Magick of Our System and facilitates a Vision of The Magick Beyond Our System. The Work that I have done in previous years affects my Vision to this day, so there is a different approach to most of the books on magick, published now or then. This is to say, there are some more rigids laws, but there are more maleable ways to approach what we collectively understand. The Aethyric Rites form the Rituals for the Third Order, that beyond The Abyss. I arrived upon this methodology after repeating the descrying of ZID for a period of about 7 years. I began this in 2005 and continued until just after 2012. I performed this mostly once or twice a month, occassionally descrying another aethyr. I kept records on some, and omited some workings. It was this Work which I decided would form the Corpus for the Outer Rites of Magick of Our Sovereign Star: Antares. This being representative of my Understanding, as I am a Magician. The Star Sirius B may be that of Sovereign for some, it is not of my, or mine. Antares, where there are planets ten sizes that of earth, with climates of a similar nature. This really is of importance. I do not speak for those of Antares, I speak for myself. However, I offer a glimpse of how I understand the Magick of This System to be represented in the Orders of Others, or that of those Magi upon Our Planet. These being Orders such as The Golden Dawn, The Astrum Argentum, Freemasonry and the like. The Current of The Stars, and Let it rain down upon Earth! Returning to the evolution of my writing, Lilonon Ananael arranges the Governors and Spirits of Shemhamphorash into the Twelve Tribes of The Fixed Stars. The Rituals following are designed similar to an expanded form of Liber A by To Mega Therion, that is an arsenal of magical weaponry; albeit consecration rituals are included in my variant upon this writing. There are several Rituals of note, Enochian Resh and The Planetary Ritual of The Variant Beast being two such examples. The climax of Ritual within this book is Theurgistic, being The Invocation of Hades, Orcus, or Dispater. Of course, it is explicitly written as The Invocation of Hades, the names Orcus or Dispater being available for substitution where required.

- Lilonon Ananael contains hundreds of sigils, many of them created by you; how is your working process involving the sigils?

It takes time. Perhaps I wasn't entirely honest last time. It isn't a breeze, it takes hours of work and double checking. I get headaches and tired, but I push myself in increments. I try to stay at a steady pace and not push to go too fast. I spent weeks at a time making the seals for Secreta Elanel, errors kept coming up. Same with the Angels of Shemhamphorasch (which I technically have made twice over). Still, they are necessary. It is no Book of Shadows without the proper sigils.

- Do you interact with other magicians in order to exchange ideas, or do you prefer to work alone? Is there any modern, contemporary magician that influences your work, or does it all come from your own experiences and experiments?

I don't do much group ritual anymore. I used to: Frater LM, Frater YshY, Frater Amon-Ra, others. The old group in Victoria, B.C., OTO, and Heru Ra Ha Circle, Terry, Clara, Judy, Gary, Annie, Ridgely, Vera, Lion, and Leon. I prefer to keep the company of other magicians; however, I prefer to keep it offline if I can. It is better for me in person. I do have some people who really do help: Edgar Kerval, Gabriel McCaughtry, Alejo Torres, they may not be doing constant group ritual but they are magicians in their own senses. Lon Milo Duquette inspired so much of my early career, although I haven't talked to Lon much. Benjamin Rowe.

As far as writing, I keep it to myself until it's published.

- The notion of duality is an important aspect of your work. In Lilonon Ananael you write: "The undulations of Light and Shadow, or Good and Evil, or Day and Night, are the dualistic representations of Truth perceived by our individuality. In other words, good and evil are simply matters of perspective, what is poison for one may prove profitable for another, ad nauseam." Could you expand on this?

Yes, although it is going to be another parable. One need not look too far outside one's self to see the transient nature of our lives.

Truth is One, Eternal, and Incorruptable. It is like that of the Undefiled Knowledge.

I suppose that is what one arrives at with the Aethyrs, Truth is Undefiled Knowledge.

- How important do you think form is in ceremonial magick? Do you think it would be possible to make a stripped-down version of the Lilonon Ananael ritual?

Form in magick is as important as it is to the individual in other aspects of life. If it matters it matters.

Experimentation in Magick is essential. I wouldn't have so much to write about if I hadn't experimented. If I had gotten everything all the time, every time I wouldn't have made changes. So yeah, sure, strip it down if you'd like, but it is really more like something to see in its original design. Why cut the budget? It would really be a nicer event if one took the time to do everything in its design, even though it may require some time and organization. One of the hurdles or stumbling blocks people have in the occult circles that I have seen is becoming daunted or overwhelmed. The temple furnishings are available if one takes the time required to assemble them. On the other hand, adaptation may produce some very interesting results.

- Do you consider having worked previously with Arbor de Magistro and Claves Regni a prerequisite to working with Lilonon Ananael?

No. Although, it might help.

- What are you working on next? Do you take breaks between writing books, or do you typically delve into researching for your next one as soon as you finish?

More writing. I have ideas about The Astrum Antares I think I would like to expand upon.

I don't take too many breaks, no. Although, I think the writing process isn't always active, sometimes it's passive thinking where you decide abstract ideas moreso than writing words on paper.

- Thank you for your time.

Thank you for your support.