Liber Bathyal is the long awaited new work by Ryan Anschauung (author of the acclaimed "Threshold: Black Magic and Shattered Geometry") and the Temple of THEM. This new volume in the Nox Sine Occasu series, metaphorically named after the biogeographic region of the ocean bottom, is an advanced selection of treatises dealing intimately with ways, means and benefits of understanding and applying form that demand more from the reader than it has ever asked of them before.

Liber Bathyal includes for the first time the complete ontology of the Temple of THEM – and a full explanation of the symbolism of the Thrasz (including the complex Aeurekanequeo that is the esoteric heart of THEM designed to replace the Tree of Wyrd) and an in-depth analysis of Form and how it typifies the key principles of our understanding. It advances an analogous suggestion for grasping the field of Social Neuro-Science, an emerging discipline of crucial import to THEM and an evolution of Radia Sol and Radia Star. In the words of Ryan Anschauung, “through delving into the principles of dissolving contradiction and simultaneity, Liber Bathyal develops and describes a methodology to evolve human perspective and reorient the traditional function of the brain. It discusses our views and strategies toward Abrahamism, Self-Delusion, THEM themselves, and raises critical questions regarding equality between men and women and highlights the problem with the concept of socially striven-for equality vs. the reality of psychological relativity and equilibrium – and much more."

Liber Bathyal dares to go beyond the Occult conventions of rituals and mannerisms to investigate the true meaning of adepthood in the 21st Century. Borrowing from Psychology, Neuroscience, Social engineering and dozens of different disciplines, it presents a staunch individualosophy that holds in its hands a compression of all possibilities.


- A complete table of contents -

Phantom Quizzics: A Modern Analogy of Anatomy of the Brain
The Theph

The AeurekaNequeo
The Phyrm
The Spiral Energy of the Thrasz
The Subconscious and the I-go
The Spherical Vantage of the Map
Distortion of Phorma
The Geometry of Life
V & Vivera
In Summary
Simultaneous Superimposition of the Internal & External
The Dyph
The Simultaneous Pulse

The Thrasz

Form, Relativity and Reality

Vantages: Toward a New Lexicon
The Law of Phorms
The Law of Phorces
Interpretative Shell
Holding Consensus
The Ostensible Crucible
Anomalic Embrace
Phyrm / Black Clay
Nyw Wyrms / Oldyr Wyrms
Applied Vertice

Magic, God, THEM & the Pi Syndrome

Disinherited - True Power (-lessness)

The Greatest Heresy: Equilibrium

THEM and Reptilians

The Black Keys of Satan
First Key: Visitation
Second Key: Orientation
Third Key: Invitation
Fourth Key: Dedication


We have made available a few sample pages belonging to the AeurekaNequeo chapter here. You can find several pictures of this release at this location.

Ryan Anschauung (also known as Krist Hollow in some circles) is a founding member of the Temple of THEM and one of the most active Occult authors of his generation. He has penned dozens of articles (many of them available at, published several books, and strives to create genuine Solidarity among those of Them through the tendrils of the Temple of THEM. His Work is an angle of Their Work, the hands of many working anonymously with many names in the belief that it is the best way to keep the Ego under heel and the only way to retain the ability to shape-shift into anything or anybody – where to be one of Them demands the vital necessity to become faceless and formless.

Specifications: 85 pages, 135 g. coated paper. Duodecimo size (135x190 mm.), soft cover bound in faux crushed leather with black end-papers (140 g.). Cover hot-stamped in grey with the Liber Bathyal logo. Hand-sewed spine. 300 hand-numbered copies.
The first 60 copies are presented in a black rugged folder, sigilized in silver with the Bathyal Thrasz and wax-sealed by hand with the Nox Sine Occasu seal. These 60 copies will also have a digital version of the book included in the price.

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by Ryan Anschauung


- Now available -