by Talon


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Fall Division is the separation of core humans, individual people from collective people. It could be called a division of the person of mind from a person of fear. Two different groups with different fundamental values and emphases regarding what and where to go during life. The only common element they share in their existence is time, since time affects everyone. The first group has emphasis on matters of mind, spirit, wisdom, existential discovery and the power of individual growth. The second group cherishes everything shallow relating to the body and matter; importance is placed on how the body or ones possessions are perceived by others for the purpose of gaining of status. To the second group, other people's approval and acceptance is key to happiness. We could describe each side by saying one searches for enlightenment while the other tends towards a cultivation of ignorance.

Drawing deeply from nihilism, Dharma and ontophobic philosophy (which maintains an absolute nihilism, consummate and proud of itself, considering that it is the only really free philosophy, since only nihilists seek to break the chains that bind us to the most terrible and suffocating prison: the "prison of being"), Fall division arrives to a profound conclusion: the physical world of Man holds no real importance. Conscious physical existence is fleeting. Value lies beyond the bounds of flesh and matter. A conscious mind that really sees the world for what it is in its physical state, a mind that is open and ready to challenge every previously defined aspect of what life and existentialism is, a mind that is ready to embrace the abstract and the unknown, is the only prepared instrument to facing an undefined eternity. There is no defining life, only the journey towards Fall's end.

Fall division is an attempt to define a bleak reality, giving us the terms and tools to understand it, identifying our role in it and the power we have over our own lives. By using its one terminology and nomenclature, Talon removes any preconceived notions the reader may have about this universal subject, giving us a new approach and many answers to the problem of being a conscious individual in the modern world.

:Table of Contents:

Concept and terminology - Part I
Means of expression
Life in the secular land

1. Man in the conscious existence of a tangible obviousness
Tellusian science
Accepted isolated apathy
The controlled Man inherits information
A contemporary take on how information is processed by the controlled Man
Controlled Emotions
The Still life example
Summary: The incapable Man
Altruism – egoism
An individual within the collective
Fall predetermined
Where we stand
Concept and terminology - Part II
2. The mind as ally or enemy

Active contemplation
Idle contemplation
3. The three stages of the individual
4. Fall Division
Sekriil O'Suun
Daút Kaur'I Sievál
Maen V'Eláian
5. Soul Curse: M.A.P.A.
6. Material Liberation: A.R.P.I
7. The forever broken mirror: the undefined eternity
8. Time



The central piece of Fall division, depicted by Blial Cabal

We have uploaded a sample chapter at this location so that anyone curious about this release can get a taste of it. There are also several photos of the book in our Facebook page.

The author, Talon, is a lyricist and musician. He has been actively involved in black metal for over twenty years, writing music for several bands and projects in various forms. Since black metal is a genre consisting of several layers of conceptual interpretations, with a basic premise that revolves around the darker perceptions of the very nature of mankind and its surroundings, it has always been very attractive for him to pursue; it has allowed the work to become very personal. His focus has often had an existential base and an individual take that has formed the foundation of all his work. In time, it has created the spark that would eventually evolve and grow into Fall Division.

We are happy to have had the talented Blial Cabal illustrating this new work, contributing with his characteristic style to depict the concepts presented in the book.



Fall division will be part of our Nox Sine Occasu collection. The first 70 copies come in a rugged cardboard black folder, sealed in wax with the NSO seal and stamped in silver with the A.R.P.I sigil. These first 70 folded copies come with a print of one of Blial Cabal's illustrations for the book and include access to the PDF version of the book as well. All 300 copies are semi-hardback and bound in Italian black cloth. The price is 25€ for a regular copy and 40€ for one of the first 70 copies. All copies are hand-numbered and hand-sewn.

Specifications: 90 pages, 135 g. coated paper. Duodecimo size (135×190 mm.), semi-hardback cover (400 g.) bound in Italian cloth with black end-papers. Cover hot-stamped in silver, hand-sewn spine. 300 hand-numbered copies.

What follows is an interview with Talon, author of the book:

- Greetings, Talon! Please introduce yourself and talk a bit about what drove you to write Fall division.

I'm a musician and an observer. As a musician I create music and write lyrics. As an observer I study mankind through various humanities. Fall Division was born as a result of these observations. Initially, fragments of the final result were created only to be used as reference material, formed to become an idea and used as a base for the lyrics to a third concept album for the band I was active in, REV 16:8. Nothing of the material had a chance to be used since the band split up shortly after the first thoughts were put on paper, yet the writing continued.

The more I kept writing, the more angles were manifested and the more I felt like I was touching ground that could be evolved even further. I am a misanthrope to the core. With the number of convictions I've come to terms with during the years of my existence, that directly relate to mankind, I saw the chance of elaborating them and presenting my view in what was to become this first book, Fall Division.

- To most you are known as a musician; do you consider music to be spiritual? What is the link between your work as a musician and your work as an author?

Vibration is a form of spiritual communication and sound creates vibration. So, yes, if you allow it, music can become spiritual. It will depend on the level of your spiritual involvement, in which state of mind the music is written. What will determine the effect and how much of it is channelled into the creation has to do with how well the creator is attuned to itself in its mind, and how far it is allowing itself to travel mentally. Folk music is a perfect example of how sound is being given a spiritual touch since it's often an accurate reflection on how life was perceived at the time it was created. Several examples in folk music become powerful, when expressing sorrow or melancholy it almost becomes tangible; it is as if a part of the spirit of the performing person has been spewed into the music.

What I do creatively has always something to do with the convictions I carry. Whether it's music or lyrics, or in this case the writing of a book, I find a way of applying my reasoning and abstractions to forming my personal mark on everything I leave behind, making the work very personal.

- What is Fall division? To my understanding it's many different things simultaneously; a guide to how the world works, and our place in it as conscious beings; a tool-book to understand our true goals and desires, even a philosophical treatise.

Since it is an existential manifest the work is layered. As a complete work it is everything you've mentioned. It presents various aspects revolving different humanities. As a term, Fall Division is the division of humanity into two sides. In short, it's the individual path or the path of the mind on one side, the collective and material path on the other. Both sides have their own basic approaches and different priorities to the physical existence, with the use of the mind being the descriptive focal point for both sides. The only common element they share is their existence as physical beings affected by time, attached to a mind. Yet, comparing a mind from the left side to the right, mentally they stand in complete opposition. Each side has several stages of increased focus, like an evolutionary ladder. These are steps of intensified alignment to a particular path which the person can attain over time as it grows to become one with its path. A stage on the left side has a direct opposite stage on the right side. For example, by following the individual path of the mind is to realize that true value comes from the evolution of the mind and the individual work, for the individual. On the opposite side, a collective or material mind would have other people or other things related to the material as its main priority, thereby replacing itself.

- The world-view you present in Fall division is one that may be called bleak and pessimistic, considering most of humanity mere puppets. What is your goal with Fall division, do you want to shake the reader's consciousness and help them awake and take control over who they are?

Well, if one is to take on the task of putting “humanity” into several words, to describing it from a completely honest approach as if to elaborate the term with history as a reference while including its biology in relation to the evolution of the human mind, without giving any room for embellishment, the description would depict a picture of perpetual cycles of parasitical traits bringing destruction where it has tainted a surface with its presence along with its own self-annihilation. There are many words one could use to describe the presented world-view, I think the best suited word would be to call it realistic. If everyone was to be honest and true to themselves in their trade and allow this realistic view to surface as their reality, the revelation would leave every last humanitarian to end their work immediately.

A partial point is the reaching out to people who are capable of thought. Most people are already lost though. I have no interest in reaching a social media slave that's consumed by this modern world's way of life since the main ideas in this book would not be comprehended. But, there are many people who have the potential of becoming owners of their mind yet lack the means, or face obstacles in their search caused by something within the tangible. The awareness I'm sending out in the book is meant to be used as a tool to creating a shift in a way of reasoning, or to function as an adhesive for the lone wanderer in finding its way back on the right track.

- In Fall division you use a lot of your own terminology, and even utilize a language called Reithariil. What is Reithariil, and can you tell us the reasoning behind the decision of having your own terminology?

Rei-tha-r-iil in the Fall language means: “Vibration absorbed becoming of time”.
It's as the name describes, the vibration, in this case speech through articulation, the communication adjusted to work inside the confinement of time. Reithariil is a passage language, only used in the book to express various attributes and stages of the mind within Fall Division, it's also used in describing processes that connect to the eternal and transitions relating to the eternal. It's used to signify identity in the Fall Division context, it delivers power to the name itself. A sole description in English would not satisfy or do the particular stage any justice since it is a segment of eternal work.
No moniker by a mortally bound language made by mortals is sufficient enough to describe ways that have relation to the eternal, the eternal path or the curse of the material death. The base for the development of expressions and pronunciation derives from the Ugric/Uralic language tree.

Throughout religious history, mythology and every form of ritual magick since the beginning of the Man of mind, there have been names for symbols and deities. All the names have a relation of being outer-worldly, in the sense that they are not to be associated with anything of mortal nature. Alas, they are Man made. Some names may have an origin in a certain language, perhaps a name that's later been used and translated or spelled differently. The fact still remains: Man has created these names, or named some form or creatures of the supernatural, in many cases, to gain more validity or power for the expression. As the once made up name is passed along over time, or even associated to a visual form of illustration, it then gains value or “truth” for people of interest. In realization, they are just names meant to symbolize something.

This is why I choose to use my own names for everything that I consider to be important, that's directly related to Fall Division.

- Your work is clearly influenced by the occult, since you use a lot of obscure terminology, sigils and spiritual tools, but are you a practitioner of the occult sciences? Do you follow any specific spiritual path, or have you done so in the past?

No, I do not practice any occult science. I don't and have not followed any spiritual path in the past.

- Which authors have influenced your cosmology and understanding of the world the most?

No authors have influenced me in my work.

- What comes next? Have you said everything there is to say on the subject, or is this an evolving matter?

This is just the beginning. I'm currently working on new ideas, already writing new chapters and creating new angles for the continuation.

- Thank you for your time.

Thank you! It's an honor to have my work released through Fall of Man as a part of the Nox Sine Occasu collection.