When we face the question of the nature of Satan, of whether we are dealing with a real being or merely a symbol, we soon come to realize that this is the chief cause for division among Satanists. Only if we accept Satan as a truly existing being with a history and a philosophy of its own, can we then start answering the questions that consequently arise, the chief one which concerns us as Satanists being what would “Satanism” truly be, according to its true founder? It is this question, the true nature of Satanism, that composes the core subject of The Book of Sassstia, a collection of texts and symbolic stories received via psychography by the author, Temptor Princnegsur. It is a manifestation of “Lucifer” through his Envoy “Sassstia”, a dialogue through Direct Correspondence with “Satan and his retinue of demons”.

These texts span the first stage of manifestation of Sassstia in the author's life, one which would eventually develop into the second stage whence the teachings behind the Satanic phratry Es.Dev.Re.Sa., comprised between The Great Brotherhood of Satan (the invisible and obscure part of Es.Dev.Re.Sa.) and The Devil's Amanuenses (which is its visible and earthly part), are being received, and it is now being made available for the first time in English.

The Book of Sassstia was not written to create an image and a mental concept simply by way of its reading, but to convey an experience which is verily alive, one that each heart will be able to recognize and mold according to its own experience. The Book of Sassstia has the power to awaken awareness, from that which "God" is not, to that which "God" pretends to tell us by way of his caveats and threats with regard to the condemned. The Book of Sassstia was not made to violate the innocence of the foolish, but one stands warned that it has the power to make it mature abruptly. This is a heavily metaphoric and poetic volume, intented to work more on a subconscious level than on a conscious one.


- Table of Contents -

Retrospective Prologue

The Book of Sassstia
Opening Chronologer I
Opening Chronologer II
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven
Part Eight

Appendix I - Faraón - "Testimony of Spheres Superiour and Inferiour to the Sun"
Appendix II - Gevurahel - "Knowers of Good & Evil I"
Appendix III - Gevurahel - "Knowers of Good & Evil II"
Appendix IV - Gevurahel - "An Obscure Celestial Ego"

The Original Manuscript

Temptor Princnegsur is a tireless seeker of the different kinds of manifestations of the Prince of the Rebel Angels. Initially he focused his field of exploration in the music, reaching alternate states through his compositions, experimenting and intimately uniting with Satan. It is through this devotional music that in 1998 he contacted the entity called Sassstia. After ten years of deeply communing with this entity, he published a collection of manuscripts named “El libro de Sassstia” through the Argentinian publisher Editora Indómita. In the year 2009 he founded the Satanic Spiritual group Es.Dev.Re.Sa. and it is through this brotherhood that he continues to explore the essence of Adversaryism (Adversaryism as opposed to Adversarialism, since this is a doctrine that emanates from the Adversary, and not from the quality of confrontation and opposition) to this day.


We have made available the Preface of the book here, where a bit of the mythology behind The Book of Sassstia is explained. You can checl out some pictures of both the Folded copies and the Regular ones at this location.

Specifications: 101 pages, 135 g. paper. Duodecimo size, soft cover bound in faux crushed leather with black end papers (140 g.). Cover hot-stamped in grey with the Sasstia sigil. Hand-sewed spine. 300 hand-numbered copies.
The first 65 copies are presented in a black rugged folder, sigilized in silver with the sigil of Sassstia and wax-sealed with the Nox Sine Occasu seal. These 65 copies will also have a digital version of the book included in the price. The Standard copies will cost 20€, and the folded ones will be 35€.


What follows is an interview with the book's author, Temptor Princnegsur, available both in English and Spanish:

(La versión en Español se encuentra tras la versión en Inglés)

- Greetings Temptor; you have been a practitioner of the Occult for many years now, and have been writing about it for a while too, but could you tell us what drew you first towards Occultism in general and the Left Hand Path in particular?

Greetings. I allow myself to answer: the very temptation of "Satan", which throughout the years went slowly but progressively making me aware of the necessity of Occultism and of the Sinister Path ("ADVERSARYISM") in my life for the re-encounter and religation anew with my dark divine nature, and thus be able to evolve in a free, unique and particular manner, beyond my being, static in the inertia of mere existence, thus breaking from the chains of humanity, disoriented and stagnant on the account, on the one hand, of a long insipidity, and on the other, chiefly by the states, philosophies and religions derived from Tradition, infiltrated even within the Left Hand Path to the trend of nowadays, despite that many do not want to see or recognize this..., intimately related to what I here mention as the "Revelation of God", who through his angels seek from the earliest times to make of men beings dispossessed of their own selves through their inspirations and manifestations, and by way of their conscious and unconscious faithful here on Earth.

- Which authors have influenced you the most as an occult practitioner and as a writer?

Sincerely, while I read and study various authors, I do not consider that any have influenced me enough so as to pay homage to them. I would be lying if I mentioned any one in particular, however, I cannot help mentioning specially the thorough study of the work of Anton Szandor LaVey, who, even though has taken Magic to some very clear principles and at the reach of anyone who wants to experience it, has brought much deception when presenting "Satan" as merely a symbol of Atheism and trivial Humanist Conformist Hedonism, and pretending in "The Book of Satan" that his mere thoughts were (but a Poor and False) Revelation from "Satan" Himself, has been the last straw for those of us who perceive "Satan" as a truly existing being.

As well as the opus of Anton Long, who offering a somewhat more ontological and terrible "Satan", has never actually confessed to having had a real Revelation from "Satan" Himself, from whom all of his philosophy and system would proceed.

And nonetheless, they are fathers of the two principal currents of "Satanism" whom I have studied, from all of my attention being directed essentially towards the mystery of "Satan", and everything which is to be found in relation to him.

- This is a question you deal with in your book, but is probably something any person remotely interested in your work will be asking themselves; what or who is Sassstia?

Sassstia is a truly existing Dark Entity who comes from what we men normally call the Spirit World or Astral World, or even, Infernal World. Sassstia is a spirit, a demonic spirit, a demon, a personal and individual intelligent and volitional spiritual being, capable of giving shews of his real existence.

Sassstia, being the one who has been sent by Lucifer into my life as an answer to my devotional investigations of his ontological mystery, to give me shews by way of Sassstia of his truly existing personal and individual being, with all the consequences that are derived from this, by way of all sort of conversations about endless questions, for me, of vital transcendence for my life, tendency and growth as a man.

- In which way do you think your book helps to answer the question of the nature of Satan? To whom would you recommend reading it?

The Book of Sassstia in no way answers or responds to the question of the nature of "Satan". The Book of Sassstia is the fruit of a first period of real manifestation of "Satan" in my life which contains the sayings of Sassstia spanning ten or more years. And as a Book it is today a commemorative record of that first manifestation of "Satan" which gave origin to the forbidden art of "Satanic Spiritism", the shunned art from which later on the Phratry of "The Devil's Amanuenses", those who write under the dictate of the manifestation of the Devil, as the earthly and visible part of “Es.Dev.Re.Sa.”, came to be.

The Book of Sassstia neither answers nor quells the mystery of "Satan", because as much as it may be confessed with experience and sincerity that Sassstia is a Dark Entity, which in itself answers the question of the personal and individual nature of "Satan", it will never be more than a probable or despicable affirmation for those who are outside of the circle of the experience itself.

And to those whom I would recommend reading The Book of Sassstia, would be every person who in his or her heart has the intuitive disposition of seeing in "Satan" an ontological truth capable of making itself known, however bearing in mind what The Book of Sassstia is, perhaps, a call to attention towards a greater event...

- On the Preface to “The Book of Sassstia” you write: “The Book of Sassstia was not written to create an image and a mental concept simply by way of its reading, but to convey an experience which is verily alive, that each heart will be able to recognize and mold according to its own experience.” Can you elaborate on this?

Of course. I intend to say that the reading of The Book of Sassstia is not for mere imaginative or mental recreation, but it instead is about the transmission of an experience which is truly happening and is thus alive, and that each reader will have the liberty to know and to shape the experience of Sassstia itself to his own, if only such reader is encouraged to take up the challenge of the very Sassstia of calling him up to his side, to which I warn the light-hearted fools, that this quotation proposed by Sassstia himself does not entirely possess a friendly intention, for it is those who doubt his testimony in itself who are mostly invited, and I am a direct witness of surrounding paranormal phenomena and even of possessions of those curious ones who were deemed unworthy of knocking on his door.

However, it remains to the consciousness of each reader.

I answer neither for the merciful absence, nor for his defying manifestation before the bold one who even reading the Book, knows nothing of the "why" Sassstia has really manifested and without having a true necessity for his manifestation...

- You mention in your book that you received The Book of Sassstia through communion with Sassstia; could you explain us how does that process work? Is Sassstia a part of your daily life, something you can reach whenever you want, or is it something that comes to you when you least expect it?

The process through which I have received The Book of Sassstia is normally known as "Psychography", however, it should not be understood that Sassstia is some sort of anthropomorphism of my subconscious nor that he is some voice in my mind or within, for I only refer to Psychography essentially as a technique, when what is really, as a mode of reference, is a "Dialogue through Direct Correspondence" with a truly external being and one independent from my ego and my body, amidst the due dignity which the work of the Cult of Satan deserves.

And yes, Sassstia is part of my daily life, one who is willing to present himself when I desire it, however, he really also gives signs of his presence when I least expect it, such being at times quite gratifying, while at others, quite terrifying...

- What or who are Es.Dev.Re.Sa.? Why did you decide it was necessary to start your own Satanic Phratry?

Es.Dev.Re.Sa.” is a young Phratry or well an Inter-Dimensional Association whose purpose is the foundation, the establishment and dissemination of "ADVERSARYISM", a Vision and a Method which is being progressively transmitted of the very Corrupted Wisdom of Lucifer, in which "The Great Brotherhood of Satan", the Dark Entities, Lords and Masters of "Es.Dev.Re.Sa.", and thus its obscure and invisible part, teach and instruct "The Devil's Amanuenses" by way of "The Spiritual Satanic Revelation".

The need to found the Phratry of "The Devil's Amanuenses" under the name Nimrod Rebelsoberliber came into being in the measure that I went understanding that everything that is known as "Satanism" does not possess a real origin in "Satan" himself as a truly existing being. Instead, we are dealing with a mere human philosophy, despite being "Occultism", when the very formula "Satan"/ "Ism", suggests a "Doctrine" which has come from "Satan" himself as a truly existing being, just as, for example, the names "Zoroastrianism"; the Doctrine of Zoroaster, or "Buddhism"; the Doctrine of Buddha.

When a biblical study placed me before the passage (1 Tim 4:1), making me understand that "Satanism" could really take a step beyond and truly be a "Diabolical Doctrine", a Teaching Instruction verily come from Satan, a Revelation in itself.

When I came into awareness that the manifestation of "Satan" in my life through Sassstia was not only to give me shews of his personal being and nothing more, but before the previously described, "Satan" granted me the potential to really do something about it, taking this as my following destiny, in which I was invited to take up brothers and sisters so that they would help me undertake such endeavour, thus siring the Phratry of "The Devil's Amanuenses", while the Envoys of "Satan" would conform "The Great Brotherhood of Satan", giving birth to "Es.Dev.Re.Sa.", for it is important to understand that without a manifestation of a Dark Lord and Master Envoy of "Satan", there can be no "Amanuenses of the Devil".

Lo here why I say that Sassstia only represents a first stage of the manifestation of "Satan", "Es.Dev.Re.Sa." being a totally new manifestation, and as such, for those of us who are involved, a New Satanic Dawn...

- How is Satanism and the Occult viewed in Argentina, and South America in general? There seems to be a very raw and primal undercurrent there, almost as if the groups that exist there are more in contact with a raw spirituality that is not so easy to find in Europe or North America.

In Argentina specially, Satanism is seen really as something hideous and despicable because of the ignorance and disinformation on the part of the authorities of "Satanism" itself, and because of the influence of Christian propaganda and philosophy which strive to consider all religious activity outside of Christianity, such as Satanism, the practice of Magic mingled with the Cult of the Dead and trance by possession by entities, Spiritism as well as Santería, etc., when they essentially have nothing to do with Satanism, as far as I'm concerned.

Yet Occultism here is essentially of a White aspect, and is somewhat better accepted by people who appear to be a bit more educated and open-minded and more spiritual.

However, I repeat, as an Adversaryist/Satanist, if there well is a great variety of religious activity of various kinds and some respectable ones such as Kimbanda, from having Exú Mayoral syncretized with Lucifer, I find little to no Satanism in all of this...

- Music appears to be a very important side of your spirituality; could you explain us how do you understand the connection between Magic and artistic expression?

Taking as a reference my own experience with Gevurahel, I do not speak for any other band, through the Music consciously realized as Ritual within the Room utilized as a Ritual Chamber, the emotional energies induced in each of the musicians are stimulated and provoked, to isolate and focus them, and to later transform such energies in secretly transmissible forces towards a prefixed purpose by way of the magical will and strong mental vision.

Such is how I find a real connection between Music and Magic, and it is personally a powerful medium to express my devotion towards Darkness and to honour and venerate Satan through such stimulated energies, which the Entities receive as donations and offerings, or to stimulate the psychological and animical support of "The Devil's Amanuenses" in their undertaking, so as to know a great pleasure within the deepest of our beings as men feeling proud of what we are through a kind of black mysticism with "Satan", all through Black Magical Ritual Music...

- Thank you for your time.

No, thank you for all.




- Saludos Temptor; tú has sido un practicante de lo oculto por muchos años ya, y has estado escribiendo al respecto por un buen tiempo también, ¿pero podrías decirnos el qué te atrajo primero hacia el Ocultismo en general y el Sendero Siniestro en particular?

Mis saludos. Me permito responder: la tentación misma de “Satanás”, que a través de los años me fue haciendo lentamente pero progresivamente consciente de la necesidad del Ocultismo y del Sendero Siniestro (ADVERSARISMO) en mi vida para el reencuentro y religamiento nuevamente con mi naturaleza divina oscura, y así poder evolucionar de una manera libre, única y particular más allá de mi ser estancado en la inercia de la mera existencia, rompiendo así con las cadenas de la humanidad desorientada y estancada a causa por un lado de una larga desazón, y por el otro, principalmente por los estados, filosofías y religiones derivadas de la Tradición, infiltrada inclusive en el Sendero Siniestro a la moda de hoy día a pesar de que muchos no quieran ver ni reconocer esto…, íntimamente relacionada con lo aquí menciono como “La Revelación de Dios”, quien por medio de sus ángeles buscan desde los primeros tiempos hacer de los hombres seres desposeídos de sí mismos por medio de sus inspiraciones y manifestaciones, y por medio de sus fieles conscientes e inconscientes aquí en la Tierra.

- ¿Cuáles autores son los que más te han influenciado como un practicante oculto así como escritor?

Sinceramente, si bien leo y estudio a varios autores, no considero que alguno me haya influenciado lo suficiente como para rendirle mis honores. Estaría mintiendo si mencionara alguno en especial, sin embargo no puedo dejar de mencionar especialmente el estudio minucioso de la obra de Anton Szandor LaVey, quien si bien ha llevado a la Magia a unos principios bien claros y al alcance de cualquiera que quiera experimentarla, ha traído mucha decepción a la hora de presentar a “Satanás” como meramente un símbolo del Ateísmo y del Hedonismo Conformista Humanista intrascendente. Y con el “Libro de Satán”, pretendiendo que sus meros pensamientos fueran sino una Pobre y Falsa Revelación del propio “Satanás”, ha sido el colmo de los colmos para quienes percibimos a “Satanás” como un ser realmente existente.

Así como también la obra de Anton Long, quien ofreciendo a un “Satanás” un poco más ontológico y terrible, nunca ha confesado haber tenido una real Revelación del propio “Satanás” de quien provenga toda su filosofía y sistema.

Y sin embargo, ambos son los padres de las dos vertientes principales del Satanismo, a quienes he estudiado al estar dirigida toda mi atención esencialmente al misterio de “Satanás” y todo lo que se encuentra en relación con él.

- Esta es una pregunta que encaras en tu libro, sin embargo es algo que probablemente cualquier persona remotamente interesada en tu trabajo se preguntaría a sí mismo; ¿Qué o quién es Sassstia?

Sassstia es una entidad oscura realmente existente proveniente de lo que normalmente nosotros los hombres denominamos Mundo Espiritual o Mundo Astral, o ciertamente Mundo Infernal.

Sassstia es un espíritu, un espíritu demoníaco, un demonio, un ser espiritual personal e individual, inteligente y volitivo capaz de dar muestras de su real existencia.

Siendo Sassstia quien ha sido enviado por Lucifer a mi vida en respuesta a mis investigaciones devocionales de su misterio ontológico, para darme muestras por medio de Sassstia de su ser personal e individual realmente existente, con todas las consecuencias que se derivan de esto, por medio de todo tipo de conversaciones sobre cuestiones interminables, para mí, de vital trascendencia para mi vida, tendencia y crecimiento como hombre.

- ¿En qué manera crees tú que tu libro ayuda a responder la cuestión de la naturaleza de Satanás? ¿A quiénes recomendarías leerlo?

El Libro de Sassstia de ninguna manera contesta o responde la cuestión de la naturaleza de “Satanás”. El Libro de Sassstia es el fruto de un primer periodo de manifestación real de “Satanás” en mi vida que contiene el decir de Sassstia a lo largo de diez años o más. Y como Libro hoy en día es un registro conmemorativo de aquella primera manifestación de “Satanás” que dio origen al arte prohibido del “Espiritismo Satánico”, arte prohibido del que nacería más tarde la Fratría de “Los Amanuenses del Diablo”, aquellos que escriben bajo el dictado de la manifestación del Diablo, como la parte terrenal y visible de “Es.Dev.Re.Sa.”.

El Libro de Sassstia no contesta ni responde al misterio de “Satanás”, porque por más que se confiese con experiencia y sinceridad que Sassstia es una entidad oscura que en sí mismo responde la cuestión de la naturaleza personal e individual de “Satanás”, nunca será más que una afirmación probable o detestable para quienes están fuera del círculo de la experiencia en sí misma.

Y a quienes recomendaría la lectura del Libro de Sassstia, sería a toda persona que en su corazón tiene disposición intuitiva de ver en “Satanás” una verdad ontológica capaz de darse a conocer, sin embargo teniendo en cuenta lo que el Libro de Sassstia es, quizás un llamado de atención hacia un suceso más grande…

- En el Prefacio del "Libro de Sassstia" escribes: "El Libro de Sassstia no fue escrito para crear una imagen y un concepto mental por medio de simplemente su lectura, sino para trasmitir una experiencia realmente viva que cada corazón sabrá conocer y amoldar de acuerdo a su vivencia." ¿Puedes elaborar en esto?

Claro que sí. Intento decir que la lectura del Libro de Sassstia no es para el mero recreo imaginativo o mental, sino que se trata de una trasmisión de una experiencia que realmente está sucediendo y por tanto se encuentra viva, y que cada lector tendrá la libertad de conocer y amoldar a su propia vivencia la experiencia de Sassstia mismo, si este lector se anima a tomar el desafío del propio Sassstia de llamarlo a su lado, a lo que advierto a los tontos ligeros, que esta cita propuesta por el propio Sassstia no posee del todo una intención amistosa, puesto que son invitados principalmente aquellos que dudan de su testimonio en sí, y soy testigo directo de fenómenos paranormales alrededor y hasta de posesiones de quienes curiosos fueron considerados indignos de llamar a su puerta.

Sin embargo queda a consciencia de cada lector.

No me hago cargo de la ausencia piadosa, o de su manifestación desafiante ante el atrevido que aun leyendo el Libro, nada sabe del por qué Sassstia se ha manifestado realmente y sin poseer una verdadera necesidad de su manifestación…

- Tú mencionas en tu libro que recibiste el Libro de Sassstia a través de la comunión con Sassstia; ¿Podrías explicarnos cómo funciona este proceso? ¿Es Sassstia una parte de tu vida diaria, algo que puedes alcanzar cuando lo deseas, o es algo que viene a ti cuando menos lo esperas?

El proceso por el cual he recibido el Libro de Sassstia es conocido normalmente como Psicografía, sin embargo no se quiera entender esto que Sassstia es una especie de antropomorfismo de mi inconsciente ni que es una voz en mi mente o interior, pues solo refiero a la Psicografía esencialmente como técnica, sucediendo realmente a modo de referencia un “Diálogo por Correspondencia Directa” con un ser realmente exterior e independiente de mi ego y de mi cuerpo, en medio de la dignidad debida que merece el oficio del Culto a Satanás.

Y sí, Sassstia es parte de mi vida diaria, alguien que está dispuesto a presentarse cuando yo lo desee, sin embargo, realmente también da señales de su presencia cuando menos lo espero, siendo esto a veces bastante gratificante, y a veces, bastante aterrador…

- ¿Qué o quienes son Es.Dev.Re.Sa.? ¿Por qué decidiste que era necesario comenzar tu propia Fratría Satánica?

“Es.Dev.Re.Sa.” es una Cofradía joven o bien una Asociación Inter-dimensional cuyo propósito es la fundación, la plasmación y el esparcimiento del “ADVERSARISMO”, una Visión y un Método que está siendo progresivamente trasmitido de la misma Sabiduría Corrompida de Lucifer, en la que “La Gran Hermandad de Satanás”, las entidades oscuras Señores y Maestros de “Es.Dev.Re.Sa.”, y por tanto su parte oscura e invisible, enseñan e instruyen a “Los Amanuenses del Diablo” por medio de “La Revelación Espiritual Satánica”.

La necesidad de comenzar la Fratría de “Los Amanuenses del Diablo” bajo el nombre de Nimrod Rebelsoberliber, fue naciendo en la medida que fui entendiendo que todo lo que se conoce como “Satanismo” no posee un origen real en el propio “Satanás” como ser realmente existente. Sino que se trata de una mera filosofía humana, aun siendo Ocultismo, cuando la fórmula misma “Satán” / “Ismo”, sugiere una “Doctrina” venida del mismísimo “Satanás” como ser realmente existente, tal como son entendidos por ejemplo los nombres “Zoroastrismo”, la Doctrina de Zoroastro, o “Budismo”, La Doctrina de Buda.

Cuando un estudio bíblico me puso ante la cita (1 Timoteo 4: 1), haciéndome entender que el “Satanismo” realmente podría dar un paso más allá y ser verdaderamente una “Doctrina Diabólica”, una Enseñanza Instrucción realmente venida de Satanás, una Revelación en sí misma.

Cuando entré en consciencia que la manifestación de “Satanás” en mi vida por medio de Sassstia no solo era para darme muestras de su ser personal y nada más, sino que ante lo anterior descrito, “Satanás” me otorgaba potencial para realmente hacer algo al respecto, tomando esto como mi próximo destino, en el cual se me instó a tomar hermanos para que me ayudasen ante semejante empresa, naciendo así la Fraternidad de “Los Amanuenses del Diablo”, en tanto los Enviados de “Satanás”, conformarían a “La Gran Hermanad de Satanás”, naciendo así “Es.Dev.Re.Sa.”, pues es importante entender que sin una manifestación de un Señor y Maestro Oscuro Enviado de “Satanás”, no puede haber “Amanuenses del Diablo”.

He aquí por qué hablo que Sassstia solo representa una primera etapa de la manifestación de “Satanás”, siendo “Es.Dev.Re.Sa.” totalmente una nueva manifestación, y por tanto para quienes estamos involucrados, un Nuevo Amanecer Satánico…

- ¿Cómo son el Satanismo así como el Ocultismo visto en Argentina, y en Sudamérica en general? Parece haber una muy cruda y primaria vertiente ahí, casi como si los grupos que existen ahí se encuentran en mayor contacto con una cruda espiritualidad que no es tan fácil de encontrar en Europa o Norte América.

En Argentina especialmente, el Satanismo es visto realmente como algo espantoso y condenable, a causa de la ignorancia y desinformación de las autoridades del Satanismo mismo, y a causa de la influencia de las propagandas y filosofía cristiana que se esfuerzan por considerar a toda actividad religiosa fuera del Cristianismo, como Satanismo, la práctica de la Magia mezclada con el Culto a los muertos y el trance por posesiones de entidades, el Espiritismo así como la Santería etc., etc., cuando esencialmente no tienen nada de Satanismo de acuerdo a mi perspectiva personal.

Más el Ocultismo es esencialmente de aspecto Blanco, y es un poco mejor aceptado por gentes que aparentan ser un poco más cultas y abiertas de mentes y más espirituales.

Sin embargo vuelvo a repetir, como Satanista Adversarista, si bien hay gran variedad de actividad religiosa de varios tipos y algunas respetables como la Kimbanda por tener el Exú Mayoral sincretizado con Lucifer, poco y nada encuentro de verdadero Satanismo en todo esto…

- La música parece ser un lado muy importante de tu espiritualidad; ¿Podrías explicarnos cómo comprendes la conexión entre la Magia y la expresión artística?

Tomando como referencia mi propia experiencia con Gevurahel, no hablo por ninguna otra banda, por medio de la Música realizada conscientemente como Ritual dentro de la Sala utilizada como Cámara Ritual, se estimulan y provocan las energías emocionales inducidas en cada uno de los músicos, para aislarlas y concentrarlas, y para luego trasformar tales energías en fuerzas trasmisibles ocultamente hacia un propósito prefijado por medio de la voluntad mágica y la fuerte visión mental.

Es así como encuentro una real conexión entre la Música y la Magia, y personalmente es un poderoso medio para expresar mi devoción hacia la Oscuridad y para honrar y venerar a Satanás por medio de tales energías estimuladas, de la cual las entidades reciben como donaciones y ofrendas, o para estimular el apoyo psicológico y anímico de “Los Amanuenses del Diablo” en su empresa, como para conocer un gran placer en lo más profundo de nuestros seres como hombres sintiéndonos orgullosos por lo que somos por medio de una especie de misticismo negro con “Satanás”, todo por medio de la Música Negra Ritual Mágica…

- Gracias por tu tiempo.

No, gracias por todo a ustedes.





A Satanic spiritual revelation